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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Probably not.

2020 will serve the event marketing industry 63B$. If you are a “marketing director”, or ”VP of marketing” (I love that one), or any type of decision maker in 2020 and you have not evolved with the industry, you are nothing more than complacent, and will continue to face a dwindling budget.

The Utica market has continuously faced the dreaded words, “the marketing budget has been cut”. Do you know why? Because what you’re doing as a decision maker has not produced results. Therefore, while other markets as near as 40 miles away are growing in modern media marketing budgets, yours continues to dwindle. You are lazy. Its very simple.

Here are two quotes that I’ve received from “marketing executives” in the past two months;

”We just had a meeting regarding how we can increase our results and reach our consumers. It seems we keep doing what we’ve always done.” Fast forward two weeks, “Corporate has cut our market’s budget and has left us enough to do about half of ‘what we usually do’.”

Cite 2..

”We sponsor another event on that day and we are only interested in sponsoring one event at a time.”

I could be long winded on a soapbox, but instead I’m going outside to enjoy the light of day.

And to all the dinosaurs, arrogant & young, to clueless & ready to retire; your spoon fed days of complacency will eventually come to an end In Utica, NY. Your peers across the state and country are crushing you and taking your share of the overall marketing budget.

But you keep doing you ✌🏼👏🏼

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