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we got you!

​ If your NFP organization has been impacted by Covid-19, please contact us. 


We will help you in the virtual event marketing world.  We understand the loss of funding has been detrimental to so many of you.  We have fun, fresh and engaging products, customizable for your successful event. Give your sponsors and donors a real treat, while you get on with your FUN-draising!


In 2021, 'the event co' relaunched from the grips of Covid-19, highlighting our expertise in the Virtual and Hybrid world.  Our product development has been in the works since 2019, and we are very confident in the exciting platforms we will contribute to the event marketing field.

Since the upward trend of event marketing, corporate structures have inevitably continued to change.  Often this restructuring calls for obsolete titles, positions, and more outsourcing of specialized marketing.

Social Media Marketing and Event Marketing is an opportunity for businesses to outsource work to independent contractors.  If your company or not for profit organization is looking to streamline your marketing budgets and are considering outsourcing event execution to an independent contractor, please contact 'the event co' for a full resume and qualifications.

Join 'the event co' mailing list to get event announcements and updates. If your business or organization is interested in learning about partnership opportunities, visit our PARTNERS page and contact us through the "Become a Partner" Contact form.

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