This year,  'the event co', Adirondack Bank, Frank Mastrovito with FX Caprara, Tri Valley Beverages and PJ Green will add  new elements to our pairing events.

In 2019, ‘the event co’ plans on expanding our locations.  We will continue to seek out extraordinary settings, add an element of our community history and perhaps we’ll tie in a Vintage Dinner Theater!  The tie in will enhance the experience that has been built to be expected by our audiences, and attract newcomers who have an appreciation for our market’s rich culture.


In addition to an outstanding portfolio of national brands, our partnership with

Tri Valley Beverages makes it possible to offer a rich portfolio of craft brews and ciders as well.  We are looking forward to bringing these fun events to our community.

​All of the 2017 & 2018 on stage Pairing Dinners at The Stanley sold out and raised well over $10,000 for the theater.  Marketing efforts were a collaboration of WKTV and PJ Green.

But that was just the start. Look forward to more unforgettable food events in the future from ‘the event co’!

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