Founder of The Event Co, LLC,
October 2017-Present


MWBE Certified  NYS



We specialize in helping small business, non-profit groups and corporate business RE~BUILD revenue, FUNdraising and employee relations through virtual, hybrid and live events.


● expertise in logistic event architecture, budgets & planning, layout & design

● efficient team assembly and sub contractor management

● proficient in contracts, national entertainment riders and advance

● experienced in working with government contracts and a variety of industry compliance

● strategic internal brand placement and cross promotion


Events for various organizations include, and consisted of total event planning, management and execution:

● Utica Summer Fest with NYS Office of General Services, City of Utica and Adirondack Bank as stakeholders.

● Bank of Utica New Year's Eve with City of Utica, NYS Office of General Services and Bank of Utica as stakeholders.

● The Stanley Theater as beneficiary from Pairing Dinners.

● Utica Center for Development/Veteran's Outreach Center as beneficiary from The White Party.

● More clients include several established businesses in the food and beverage industry, including national brands as stakeholders.


Locally, we are the only Event Marketing Firm with such a diverse portfolio of events. Our tenacity is second to none; whether that be applied to the expert knowledge and preparation it takes to successfully overcome the environmental elements Mother Nature bestows on us, or adapting to the demanding changes Covid-19 has put us through. Understanding the importance of outsourcing and subcontracting is imperative to our success and can only be accomplished through a wide network of professionals. We have decades of experience in event execution, but we have equal experience in understanding sales and marketing on a psychological level, a philosophical level and a tactical level. We are risk takers who think far outside of the box. We believe that there is always a first time for everything. There is nothing cookie cutter about anything that we do.


The Event Co creates events tailored for your brand, message and goal. We also help refresh existing events to revitalize content and interest to increase participation. The Event Co’s portfolio has earned proof of concept that is focused on making premiere community events. We were established in 2017, and earned our MWBE certification in 2020. We are physically located in central NYS, but will travel almost anywhere for our work. We are established as an LLC, with a core team of independent contractors from everything to audio/visual to product development, graphic and social media content.

Let's Work Together

With a proven track record of strategic event marketing and management, it is now my mission for The Event Co, LLC, to attain clients who are increasing in the need to outsource these services.