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‘the event co’ creates Event Marketing platforms. If you are not using event marketing in today’s world where social media dominates, then you’re missing a crucial piece of modern marketing.

We are very proud to team up for our promotional endeavors for these events with the leader in modern marketing in our area, Disruption Network.

Disruption Network delivers a wide array of podcasts that speak to a mix of demographics. The beautiful thing about podcast marketing is that not only can you measure “reach”, but you can measure the engagements of your listeners and viewers.

Disruption Network delivers incredible margins on these stats, a multitude of platforms and capitalizes on the ever most important aspect of modern marketing, which is multimedia marketing, with presence on audio, visual and social media platforms.

Promoting ‘the event co’s events on the lead in, and many times on site, allow my clients to maximize marketing dollars and take advantage of speaking to a reach equal to or greater than any traditional media in our market. But, yet again, with a measurable engagement from your audience.

Everyone has a podcast in today’s modern marketing world; from Mike Tyson to Dr Phil.

If you are not beyond traditional complacency and in tune with modern marketing, you are simply spending dollars vs efficiently investing in your marketing efforts.

Visit, for my Q4 events.


THE WHITE PARTY on 10/26 (2nd annual)

STROLL starting in November running through the Holidays (2nd annual)

Enjoy the weekend.

We remember experiences, and that is exactly what Event Marketing is.

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