Why Virtual/Hybrid?

Why 'the event co'                             

the event co, established in 2017.

in 2020, the event co earned mwbe certification.

According to Bizzabo, the world's fastest growing event technology company, we can expect to see more organizations invest in the virtual/hybrid in 2021. 

UNCERTAINTY is the biggest culprit holding a majority of nearly 75% of event organizers hostage.

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Their 'Evolution of Events Report' released in December of 2020, is the culmination of two summits held in 2020, of nearly 400 event organizers across the world.  Of these organizers, 74% of them are Directors, Managers, or hold a higher rank.  North America was the largest population, holding 69% of the input. 


Regardless, 97% of the event organizers and marketers that attended these summits expect to see more organizations invest in virtual/hybrid in 2021!  That statistic is more than a trend.  It's a clear pivot for the event marketing industry; one that can no longer be avoided, and one you MUST embrace.

UNCERTAINTY is the biggest culprit holding a majority of nearly 75% of event organizers hostage. 

  • How will we successfully host engagement? 

  • How will our sponsors understand the value? 

  • Where do we begin to maximize the reach in such a large virtual world? 

  • How do we differentiate from the rest? 

  • Will we have an impact? 

  • Is everything we built in the live event lost? 

  • When do we begin to embrace this worldwide pivot?

  • Where do we go for technological and logistic support?

Since the upward trend of event marketing, corporate structures have inevitably continued to change. 

Often this restructuring calls for obsolete titles, positions, and more outsourcing of specialized marketing.

Social Media Marketing and Event Marketing is an opportunity for businesses to outsource work to independent contractors.  If your company or not for profit organization is looking to streamline your marketing budgets and are considering outsourcing event execution to an independent contractor, please contact 'the event co' for a full resume and qualifications.